[AccessD] Memo field corruption

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Sat Jan 26 11:29:35 CST 2019

Hi Susan

Ah, ten years back!

#3: Don't use memo fields
This is probably too harsh - I haven't met, nor heard of, a single issue since that article.

#4: Don't store picture files
This, however, is still valid, except if pictures are few and small. But the issue is more related to bloating the backend rather than corrupting it.

#6: Be careful with wireless networks (WiFi)
This should be rephrased to: Never connect via wireless networks (WiFi)
I've heard of numerous troubles when connecting via WiFi. It may work well (as stated) with R/O access, but how many backends are attached for R/O only?

#8: Don't put Mac and Windows users on the same network
This is not valid anymore, or should at least be turned into a general note, that devices that can cause a heavy load on the network should be isolated from the traffic between Access frontends and their backends.

Impressive list of comments, by the way. 


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Gustav, a question from a reader prompted my question -- remember that
article we wrote a long time ago?


It's so old -- I wonder if the memo issue hasn't improved?

Susan H.

That's what I have done - for pictures. I even used a second backend to hold
this single table to not bloat the main backend.


I think a lot of "expert" database developers suggest keeping the memo field
in a separate table using a 1:1 or 1:n relationship -- just in case.

Susan H.

I always include memo fields in the same table.  I haven't heard of what you
described - have you seen that done somewhere?


When you include a memo field, do you include it in the table or do you
relate to a second table that stores just the memo field?

Susan H.

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