[dba-SQLServer]SQL HELP (IIF or IF)

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Take a look at CASE WHEN in the help files.

Doris Manning
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I'm trying to build an SQL Query in Access ADP and could do with some help

Basically I am trying to build a list that shows qty x cost against a list
of part numbers but also to not add the cost of certain codes

So for instance if I selected P4 using like I would not want it added into
the Tcost2 column

Part	Qty	Cost1	TCost1 Tcost2
P1	2	2.0	4		4
P2	3	3.0	9		9
P3	2	1.0	2		2
P4	1	5.00	5		0	

Is this possible from an SQL query, it is under Access MDB using IIF but
there seems to be no alternative for SQL server.


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