[dba-SQLServer]Errors only in larger screen resolutions

Susan Geller sgeller at cce.umn.edu
Wed Dec 31 11:59:39 CST 2003

Nope, but I don't think that is it.  We rebuilt the adp by detaching all
code from the app and saving it into separate text files and then
reattaching the code and then recompiling and that did nothing.  But, we
may still try decompile.


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I've never seen this error... have you tried a /decompile on the .adp?

Susan Geller wrote:

>I have an adp file that has one form that is generating a "fatal error"

>report only when I have my monitor (or any other test monitors) set to 
>lower than 1280 X 1024.  Access 2002, Windows XP.  Ideas?  I've only 
>seen a similar problem once before and it turned out to be related to 
>how I was loading the recordsource for a listbox.  But, on the open of 
>this form, there is no list box record source being set.


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