[dba-SQLServer]ODBC connection - Is this normal

Djabarov, Robert Robert.Djabarov at usaa.com
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NEEDED - MS Access/ADP DBA with ... Many-many years and years of MS
Access experience.
EXPECTATIONS:  Ability to develop medium to large enterprise-wide
solutions using MS Access/ADP under 12 hours...etc.

Don't ask me what's the pay.  But if you do, it's actually higher than
Notepad DBA.

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 also bet that your access
solution will croke up after the 6th user joins your access party.

We just finished running an access back end on the web. At the end of
Student enrolement we had 3100 distinct student registrations.

Front end was in PHP.

We had a min of 70 and 200 users per day inputting data to the backend.
In fact this was one of the few systems that actually didnt fall over
during student enrolement.and that includes our Ingres system. Hard to
say how many concurrent users but i would GUESS +20 at any given

Just data entry of course but worked and worked very well.


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