[dba-SQLServer]Selecting data into variables

Billy Pang tuxedo_man at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 8 00:20:24 CDT 2003

Like this?

/* -- cut here */
DECLARE @prod_name varchar(50)
SELECT @prod_name = productname from products where productid = 4;
PRINT @prod_name
/* -- cut here */


>From: David Emerson <davide at dalyn.co.nz>
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>To: dba-SQLServer at databaseadvisors.com
>Subject: [dba-SQLServer]Selecting data into variables
>Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 16:55:49 +1300
>I would like to run a select statement that returns 1 row, then put the 
>column values into variables I have declared in my Sproc.  The closest I 
>have come across in BOL is the SELECT INTO statement but this is for 
>"Embedded SQL for C and SQL Server".
>I could use a cursor but it seems overkill for only one row.  Is there an 
>easy way to do this?
>David Emerson
>DALYN Software Ltd
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>Wellington, New Zealand
>Ph/Fax (877) 456-1205
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