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Are you sure the db2 guys gave you write permissions?

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Dear group,

we have SQL Server 2000 running in our office. We need to read/write data from/to a DB2-database stored elsewhere. The physical connection is set up using a DSL-line.

I want to set up the DB2-database as a linked server in SQL-Server. But I was only partly successfull. I can read data from the tables/views but can not write to them. I tried the DB2-ODBC-Driver from the DB2-Client (installed on the SQL-Server-machine) and the DB2-Drivers (ODBC/OLE-DB) from Microsoft (which are part of the Host Integration Server). The connection is set up to use TCP/IP (I don't even know what system the DB2-database is running on...).

The connection properties ask for a connection string, but I don't have a clue how to built that.

Could anyone point me in the right direction here (as to where to look for information)? I tried the Microsoft Knowledge Base (which provides _some_
information) and IBM's website (which states, that "is is possible to create a linked server in MS SQL Server 2000 that points to a DB2-database" - a very usefull piece of information indeed...).

Please Help!!!



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