Billy Pang tuxedo_man at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 14 12:47:23 CDT 2003


Our IIS Server is logging website hits to SQL Server.  We are trying to 
figure out best way to export certain records from this table into another 
table every 5 minutes.  So far, we came up with two options:

1) in a separate table, store the ID of the last record in the IIS Log table 
that was exported.  Every 5 minutes, export the records that are greater 
than the last exported ID.

2) pick one of the columns in the log table to be the "Exported" flag 
column.  After exporting a record from the log table, update that record as 

We are leaning towards #2 but am unsure about any locking issues.  AKAIK, 
IIS only inserts records into that table, never update.

Any ideas or thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

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