[dba-SQLServer]Connecting to the server

Francisco H Tapia my.lists at verizon.net
Wed Oct 15 11:36:18 CDT 2003

I saw this problem before on a developer's machine who has added 
everything under the sun to his machine, SP's, .NET and it's SP's etc, 
etc.  For some reason connecting to the server by name (for example 
MYSRVC) won't connect It is running Sql Server 2000 SP3.  the default 
listening 1433 port has been modified.  on the other hand connecting to 
a Sql7 server does not provide these side-effects.  I have over 30 
workstations that connect to this same server w/o any side effects.  I 
don't want them modified because I'm sure it'll create the same problems 
like my Boss's pc and my co-worker's pc.

the total length of the the server name is 8 characters, no special or 
otherwise non alpha characters at all. (i.e. MYAASRVC)

Nicholson, Karen wrote:
> Can you use a name for a server that has "reserved characters" in it?  Like
> MAS-1 or MAS-2?  Just asking, we had a problem with using the same naming
> conventions from SQL 7 on our new SQL 2000 servers.  
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> Francisco,
> Add an entry for the SQL server name in the HOSTS file on his machine
> associated with the IP. Then you can use the name in place of the IP since
> the HOSTS file will resolve to the IP.
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> My Boss's pc is running windows 2000 SP3 (I found out today he is on 
> this later SP).  The problem I found last night was that for some reason 
> his pc is not able to identify the SqlServer Name, if I add it in a 
> connection string it can't find it, however If I replace the name with 
> an IP then it finds it w/o any problems.
> Why would this suddenly happen (yes I know MS, but really why?)? more 
> importantly how do I fix it?


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