[dba-SQLServer]Re: Visual Source Safe Questions

Bryan Carbonnell carbonnb at sympatico.ca
Tue Oct 21 17:18:54 CDT 2003

On 21 Oct 2003 at 15:07, Robert L. Stewart wrote:

> But, #2, the answer is no.  Because Access stores things as objects,
> you cannot checkin/checkout individual objects with a tool like VSS. 
> What you would need is an Access database to do it.  I used to use a
> tool called Version Manager that was an add-in written in Access.  But
> I have not been able to find an updated version of it from the creator
> of it.

Actually, with a regular MDB you can. IIRC for tables and queries 
it's an all or nothing proposition, but with forms, reports and code 
modules you can check in/out the individual components.

All this assumes you have The Developer's tools and have installed 
the VSS Access Integration bits.

I know Charlotte uses(used) VSS quite a lot with Access, so you may 
get a better response on VSS and Access over on AccessD.

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