[dba-SQLServer]Re: Visual Source Safe Questions

Robert L. Stewart rl_stewart at highstream.net
Thu Oct 23 12:47:59 CDT 2003


The code I sent her allowed all objects in the ADP
to be saved to text files and stored in VSS.  That
includes diagrams, server views, stored procedures,
etc.  I found this method as a hidden method of the
Access Application object.

Just a different way of doing it.

I have not tried VSS since MSA 97 because it was
so difficult to use.  I use a tool called Version
Control back then that was an Access add-in.  I
wish I could find the author and get an updated
version.  So, I stand corrected on my "No" response.


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>I don't know what version of VSS she is using, but the VSS that came with 
>my O2K developer allows me to check out forms, reports and modules 
>independently in my ADP. I have noticed that forms seem to corrupt every 
>now and then when using VSS, but other than that, everything else is good.

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