[dba-SQLServer]Linking to Local Table

David Emerson davide at dalyn.co.nz
Tue Oct 28 21:46:59 CST 2003

AXP adp, SQL2000

Currently I have a table of customer primary keys that is filled in from 
the contents of a list box.  This table is then used to link to other 
tables as a filter for processing client records.

Because the BE is in SQL, the same table is accessed by all 
users.  However, a user often wants the selection to be maintained between 
sessions (ie if they return to the selection screen the next day they want 
their previous day's selection still showing.)  This excludes temporary 
tables (I think) because the users close the program over night.

If there was a table stored on the local drives then each user could have 
their own list of customers.

What I am unsure of is how I can a) link to the local database to fill it 
up with the selections, and b) how I can reference that table within SQL 
sprocs which use sql tables.

Any pointers/key words to look up?


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