[dba-SQLServer]Linking to Local Table

Martin Reid mwp.reid at qub.ac.uk
Wed Oct 29 12:40:59 CST 2003

Bit out of the blue this but what about a local XML file.


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> Thanks David,
> I think I might have a problem here with temp tables.  Because the people
> who will be using the client list will be logged on as the same used, any
> temp tables they create will have the same user name, therefore
> themselves.
> Are you sure it is not possible to set up a connection with another data
> source other than the main SQL BE?
> David
> At 29/10/2003, David wrote:
> >You can always save the data to a .csv, .dat or .txt file.  I have also
> >created a "temp db"  and exported my data into a table in that tempdb.
> >finsihed with it the whole mdb is killed. Unfortunatley you cant link the
> >table in the temp db to the ADP as you could with an mdb, but you can
> >open, transfer and populate fields with ADO/DAO. I got the idea from a
> >sample database on Roger Carlsons website
> >ase2k.mdb'). He created the sample to avoid bloat when using temp tables
> >mdbs. If you need more help with pulling exporting/importing data from
> >temp db I do I can send you.
> >
> >
> >HTH
> >David McAfee
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> >
> >AXP adp, SQL2000
> >
> >Currently I have a table of customer primary keys that is filled in from
> >the contents of a list box.  This table is then used to link to other
> >tables as a filter for processing client records.
> >
> >Because the BE is in SQL, the same table is accessed by all
> >users.  However, a user often wants the selection to be maintained
> >sessions (ie if they return to the selection screen the next day they
> >their previous day's selection still showing.)  This excludes temporary
> >tables (I think) because the users close the program over night.
> >
> >If there was a table stored on the local drives then each user could have
> >their own list of customers.
> >
> >What I am unsure of is how I can a) link to the local database to fill it
> >up with the selections, and b) how I can reference that table within SQL
> >sprocs which use sql tables.
> >
> >Any pointers/key words to look up?
> >
> >Regards
> >
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