[dba-SQLServer]Linking to Local Table

David McAfee DMcAfee at haascnc.com
Thu Oct 30 15:58:59 CST 2003

I totally agree with Arthur on this. Create individual users (can even use fosUser() function from Shamil's site to get the NT login name of the user) and assign roles to that user.

As far as local files/tables go, Martin I think the temp db is the easiest thing to use. Small bit of code, and now your are dealing with the data using ADO or DAO. Stuff that he is more likely to already be using. Now I know XML gives better cross platform sharing capability, but for ease of use, I have to say talking to another Access DB is much simpler.


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Not out of the blue at all, Martin -- IMO the preferred solution :-)

That said, one cannot help but wonder why all users share the login,
particularly when there are integrated security and roles available for
use. With a single or even a few shared logins, all hope of accurate
audit-trails is lost.


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Bit out of the blue this but what about a local XML file.


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