[dba-SQLServer]Is this possible?

Michael Brösdorf michael.broesdorf at web.de
Thu Feb 12 15:43:23 CST 2004


i would like to pass a table name and a field name to a stored procedure.
The stored procedure has to create a cursor that fetches all records from
the table and performs certain operations based on the content of the
specified field.

Something like this:

Create procedure MyProc @MyTable nvarchar(255), @MyField nvarchar(255) AS

Declare @MyVar as int

Declare MyCursor cursor for
select <@MyField> from <@MyTable>

Fetch next from MyCursor into @MyVar

While @@Fetchstatus=0
	Print @MyVar

The problem is of course that I cannot simply put the variables containg
table and field name into the select statement of the cursor.

Is there any way this can be done?


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