[dba-SQLServer] Ho To: Create a Stored Procedure using a parameterfor IN

Djabarov, Robert Robert.Djabarov at usaa.com
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Of course, you can do:

Exec ('select ... from tblClient where ResidencyType in (' + @ResType +

But we all know what THIS means, right?

I'd parse @ResType into a temptable, and then replace your WHERE clause
with INNER JOIN on that table.  Works like a charm every time :)

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Sometime I think I go brain dead.  ;-)

I am trying to do a stored procedure with a simple SQL statement

SELECT ClientID, LastName, FirstName, ResidenceType
FROM tblClient
WHERE ResidenceType IN(@ResType)

I need to be able to pass something like:

house, hotel, homeless

and get a list of people with that residency type.  Nothing I have
tried has worked.  Can anyone give me some direction on doing this?


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