[dba-SQLServer] Administrivia - Software Updates Done

Djabarov, Robert Robert.Djabarov at usaa.com
Mon Feb 16 09:41:55 CST 2004

At least sounds like Monday morning starts up OK :)

Thanks Bryan.

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Well folks, the stars and planets were all in alignment this morning 
and the list software upgrades went smoothly.

Everything is back up and running. I will be tweaking as the day goes 
by, but you shouldn't notice anything.

If you have any problems as a result of this upgrade, PLEASE let me 
know, listmaster at databaseadvisors.com.

So why did we upgrade? Here are the highlights for those that are 

- Several Security vulnerabilities
- Bouncing rules have been updated
- Hard Drive Usage improvements
- Bounce Disable e-mail confirmation string expiry always out of date 
bug was fixed (This affected several members)
- Archives takes time zome information into account when threading 

These are the main reasons we upgraded.

Thanks for your patience during the upgrade and if you encounter any 
problems, please let me know.

Bryan Carbonnell - listmaster at databaseadvisors.com
I've learned....
That one should keep his words both soft and tender, because tomorrow 
he may have to eat them.

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