[dba-SQLServer] Stored Procedure Help Required

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I have no comment on your reply except to say that you are WAY KEWL
Francisco! You splain everything very nice. Hats off to you!

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paul.hartland at fsmail.net wrote:

>To all,
>I'm sure this is possible, but being quite a novice at Stored 
>Procedures (i.e. able to write simple SELECT, INSERT, DELETE & UPDATE
procs) I don't know how to go about this.
>I want to write an SP which I call from Visual Basic which sends the 
>current UserID (I know how to do this bit) I then want the SP to call
another SP using the UserID I passed to it.  Then I want to use the
fields PayrollNo and JobDate from the second SP to execute a third SP
passing the parameters PayrollNo and Jobdate.
this is easy enough w/o output parameters (if you don't want to get into

EXEC Sproc1 (@userid as varchar(20)) AS

CREATE TABLE #Temp1 (PayRollNo varchar(25),
		     JobDate varchar(25))

EXEC sproc2 @UserID

DECLARE @Param1 as varchar(25), @param2 as Varchar(25)
SELECT @Param1 = Field1, @param2 = Field2 From #Temp1

Exec Sproc3 @Param1, @Param2


by the way if you're practicing your sprocs try looking in QA (sql
server 2000) and using the tools there, it has simple things such as it
will create an select/insert/update/delete statement for a
table/view/sproc.  check itout you'll find that you'll be writing more
and more complex sprocs in no time.... using gui tools like in EM and
Access' QBE I've found are a terrible crutch cuz normally you don't take
the time to fully examine the sql.


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