[dba-SQLServer] Can't Register Server

Charlotte Foust cfoust at infostatsystems.com
Tue Jun 8 14:58:08 CDT 2004

Yes, I did originally, not voluntarily, but because it loaded
automatically.  After I removed it, SQL Server would never reinstall
properly.  EM ran, but even though I had databases, I couldn't connect
to them.  My ISP implicated the modem, which gave me other fits.  After
I got fed up and got the router, I never tried to reinstall ... Until
last night.

Charlotte Foust

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   Excuse me but how exactly does DSL break SQL Server???
I have the developer version on my Windows 2000 PRO SP4 at home and it 
runs fine and even when I got a router all I did was litterally power 
down the pc, install the router and then power it back up... I 
litterally had not configuration issues.

Did you load any software because of your DSL?

Charlotte Foust wrote On 6/8/2004 8:21 AM:

>I reinstalled SQL 2000 last night, but I can't register the blasted 
>server.  When I try, it comes back and says it fails because the 
>connection is open.  This is developer edition on a stand-alone laptop.

>I've run into this with every installation of SQL Server on this 
>machine, although one upon a time I had it working ... Pre-DSL.  My DSL

>modem (now replaced with a router) broke SQL on my laptop, so I 
>uninstalled SQL and have never since been able to get it reinstalled 
>and working.  Any suggestions?
>Charlotte Foust


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