[dba-SQLServer] Difference between views and queries

Francisco H Tapia my.lists at verizon.net
Thu Jun 10 14:58:00 CDT 2004

jwcolby wrote On 6/10/2004 9:33 AM:

>Can anyone explain the difference between a view and a query?  Views use a
>query, plus the view keyword.  I have a couple of books that I have read the
>chapter on Views, but I so far haven't managed to "get" why you wouldn't
>just use the query itself instead of turning it into a view.
A query is a request for an Access Database, however for Sql Server you 
would either use a View or Stored Procedure to return the data you 
wanted... you are also able to use dynamic SQL to retrieve the 
information you need.  ANY request given to the SQL Server engine is 
managed by the engine, unless you are running Remote servers (iirc).

In Sql Server, it is TABOO, nay, GENERALLY bad practice to use dynamic 
sql because of the implication of SQL INJECTION attacks, this poses a 
"real" security threat to your database. and your server.

another reason to use a VIEW over dynamic sql is that it is 
pre-optimized by the SQL Server Engine and thus runs faster and more 
efficient.  Additionally if you use Dynamic SQL then your individual 
users who access the server will need EXPLICIT "SELECT" permissions by 
you, which is another 'bad' practice.  In SQL Server you make data 
available to your users via VIEWs and Stored Procedures or some other 
secure way in order to protect your tables and it's data.

ya get wot I mean?


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