[dba-SQLServer] Difference between views and queries

Jim Lawrence (AccessD) accessd at shaw.ca
Thu Jun 10 14:07:25 CDT 2004

Hi John:

Personally, I see little reason to run views as their creation is spawned at
the server side and any hit on the server I try to avoid. The concept of
distributive computing has always appealed to me. Queries, run at the client

There might be better performance with views, if there are limited people
accessing the server. Views limit, not that the client can see it anyway,
access to/display of the real table and present a pseudo table. Security?


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Can anyone explain the difference between a view and a query?  Views use a
query, plus the view keyword.  I have a couple of books that I have read the
chapter on Views, but I so far haven't managed to "get" why you wouldn't
just use the query itself instead of turning it into a view.

John W. Colby

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