[dba-SQLServer] Difference between views and queries

Francis Harvey HARVEYF1 at WESTAT.com
Tue Jun 29 10:09:45 CDT 2004


I don't think anyone cares if you use the capability, however, I don't
see how you can describe security while leaving such a key point out.
I don't use GUID's in my Access designs, but I would hardly try to
describe all of the autonumber capabilities and avoid mentioning them.
I am not clear whether you are arguing against them, which I would
have a problem with, or whether you are just stating why you don't use
them, so I will just assume you don't care if I use DENY permissions
as long as I don't care if you don't. However, please try not to
unfairly ignore the poor misbegotten creatures in future security
summaries, :-). Especially, don't describe all permissions as
additive, brr, just sends shivers up my spine.

As to your challenge to produce a task requiring dynamic SQL, the
answer from me is no. I have already given you suitable searchable 
phrases for the main justified uses of dynamic SQL that I am aware of,
and I lack John Colby's seemingly infinite patience for prolonging a
discussion by holding up both sides of the argument (trust me, this is
a compliment, I only wish I could be that intense).

Francis R Harvey III
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harveyf1 at westat.com

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