[dba-SQLServer] Difference between views and queries

Arthur Fuller artful at rogers.com
Wed Jun 30 10:09:13 CDT 2004

You have a backhanded way of calling me ignorant. In many ways and in
many areas I am ignorant, but just because I hold an opinion that
differs from yours, that's no reason for you to assume that I am unaware
of the issues you raise. I worked on a project for ABB which relied on a
database comprising over 400 tables and ran in both Oracle and SQL
Server. Both versions used sprocs of the same name. Where there were
differences in syntax, they were encapsulated in the sprocs. From the
viewpoint of the various Front End modules, it didn't matter which
database you were talking to. The FE had virtually no knowledge of the
back end flavour, other than the connection. Now, granted, should ABB
decide suddenly to support MySQL, and given MySQL's limited support of
sprocs, well then there is a problem. Any fool can recognize that -- but
substitute Access for MySQL and you have the same problem. This is
beneath discussion.

Regarding dynamic search, I have done at least one form that presents 25
controls and invokes one sproc that in turn invokes others, depending on
which parameters are null. No problem there. Add a control later in
development, I change a sproc and maybe add another few. No problem
there either.

Does this constitute research into the issues involved?


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No time problem. I just won't argue with someone who doesn't have the
underlying background. You will either take the time to become properly
informed (not agreeing, just informed) or not. I am not going to walk
you from an example through every nuance of the problem. I don't have
that kind of patience. Show me in some way that you have at least made
an attempt to research one of the problems, and I'll spend as much time
as is needed.

Seeing you are willing to characterize dynamic SQL without doing the
basic research I suggested, I will characterize you as too lazy to be
offering anyone a valid opinion about the subject. Seems about as fair.

Francis R Harvey III
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> OK, we'll let you off the hook due to insufficient time. Fine. Point 
> remains unproven, however.
> I still pose the challenge:
> Give me a situation in which a dynamic query cannot be ported to 1+ 
> stored procs.
> I don't think you can do it. And in addition, I don't think it would 
> take me a vast amount of time to come up with a case statement and the

> requisite sprocs.
> I think dynamic SQL is for the lazy. So there, I said it.
> Prove me wrong
> with an example that cannot be coded in 1+ sprocs.
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