[dba-SQLServer] Job Status not visible

Sander Derix accessd_sql at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 2 04:58:08 CST 2004

Hi group,
we're using SQL Server 2000 SP3.
I've created several jobs but somehow I cannot see the status!? Let's say Job1 runs SP1, SP2 and SP3.
When I start JOB1 it should say something like Running/ Executing SP1. However we do not see this info?!
Why is that? I've searched the net extensivly but I didn't find a solution.
Any ideas anybody?
PS: I've tried the following:

In general if those jobs are owned by those developres then they can execute/maintain their own jobs but not others. Also users need permission on msdb..sp_enum_sqlagent_subsystems and msdb..sp_get_sqlagent_properties to run their own jobs including setting 'TargetServersRole' in MSDB for the users.

For information refer to this link [<http://vyaskn.tripod.com/sql_server_security_best_practices.htm>] for security and this link [<http://vyaskn.tripod.com/sql_server_administration_best_practices.htm>] for Admin.


Try grant them exec permission on msdb..sp_enum_sqlagent_subsystems. 



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