[dba-SQLServer] OT: history of windows update

Haslett, Andrew andrew.haslett at ilc.gov.au
Tue Mar 2 18:48:44 CST 2004

WU history is stored in an xml file:

C:\Program Files\WindowsUpdate\V4\iuhist.xml

If you like, there are quite a few tools to parse this history file on this
http://www.susserver.com/ in the Forum, under Tools.

Also note this tool which I've been helping on. Currently at Beta3.
Excellent for gathering info about updates applied to all machines in a


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Ok, this is bugging me...Does anyone know how I can check to see which
windows updates were made to a windows 2000 server box without going to the
www.windowsupdate.com website?

thanks in advance,

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