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Steven W. Erbach serbach at new.rr.com
Wed Mar 10 08:31:48 CST 2004


While I haven't devoted much time to keeping up with SQL Server developments I do subscribe to a couple SQL Server newsletters: SQL Server Central and Builder.com. My eyes lit on the headline "Enhance Enterprise Manager with Access." I thought to myself I thought, "Self, isn't that what Arthur Fuller has recommended lo! these many eons?"

I read through to the bottom of the article and, sure enough, there's your moniker. There was also the open question, "Why did Microsoft kill ADP files in Access 2003?" I remember some time back before Access 2003 came out you were biting your tongue in the groups here because you were under an NDA. The only thing I remember you saying was something about how disappointed you were with Microsoft's direction with Access.

In Access 2003 are we reduced to using ADO in code to get at SQL Server data? I suppose that ODBC is still an option if one wants to have direct manipulation of SQL Server tables, right? Sorry if these are naive questions; I've been wandering for a while.


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