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Michael Brosdorf michael.broesdorf at
Wed Mar 10 10:18:30 CST 2004

Is that true: no ADP's in Access 2003???

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Are you kidding me?  Access 2003 is sans ADP's!!!! :O.  Well I guess that's
all the more reason to convert my last project from an ADP to .Net2003 :(

Steven W. Erbach wrote:

>While I haven't devoted much time to keeping up with SQL Server
developments I do subscribe to a couple SQL Server newsletters: SQL Server
Central and My eyes lit on the headline "Enhance Enterprise
Manager with Access." I thought to myself I thought, "Self, isn't that what
Arthur Fuller has recommended lo! these many eons?"
>I read through to the bottom of the article and, sure enough, there's your
moniker. There was also the open question, "Why did Microsoft kill ADP files
in Access 2003?" I remember some time back before Access 2003 came out you
were biting your tongue in the groups here because you were under an NDA.
The only thing I remember you saying was something about how disappointed
you were with Microsoft's direction with Access.
>In Access 2003 are we reduced to using ADO in code to get at SQL Server
data? I suppose that ODBC is still an option if one wants to have direct
manipulation of SQL Server tables, right? Sorry if these are naive
questions; I've been wandering for a while.
>Steve Erbach

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