[dba-SQLServer] Arthur's article

MartyConnelly martyconnelly at shaw.ca
Wed Mar 10 19:28:01 CST 2004

If I am stuck on a site without EM (only using MSDE), I know you can 
install a sixty day version of SQL 2000 and keep EM up.
But I use this one from Andrea Montanari (recently got an MVP)  DbaMgr - 
You can also get all the VB6 source code with the DMO API calls for the 
program. Good learning tool.

Also see Roger Jennings article for a more simplified and restricted vb6 

I have seen Access commercial programs that are used to administer MySQL 
tables. I almost wrote my own to admin SapDB 7.3 (MaxDB) tables.

Steven W. Erbach wrote:

>>>First of all, seasoned DBAs would not use MS Access for database/server administration purposes, NEVER!!! <<
>That may be. However Arthur referred to using Access as a development tool/environment. But even so, if you don't use Enterprise Manager, what do you use?
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