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I believe that you still get a score on the results page out of 1000 and
sectional results.  
The 70-229 exam has a passing score of 700/1000.

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the last ms exam i took was almost two years ago and i thought they removed 
the percentage score at the end of the exam; all they do is just tell you if

you passed or failed.  maybe they changed it back?

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>Hello Everyone,
>	Having taken the MS 70-073 course in preparation for the 70-229 DB 
>Design and Implementation exam I'm wondering if anyone has an idea what 
>sort of pass rate is required. I'm doing a practise exam every evening 
>at the moment and am getting a consistent 70%-ish mark now but part of 
>me feels that this is probably not high enough and that maybe I should 
>wait until I am managing 80%.
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