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There are problems here, probably subterfuge. The proposition waddles
between given names and surnames. Perhaps that was intended as part of the
Given that there are only four people at the table, sub-problem is to assign
the surnames to the proper names and reduce these to (ultimately) four
people. The sub-sub-problem is that I have no idea whether Nieland or
Millican or Lehmer is a given name or a surname. In fact, Beth could be a
surname, as could Clarice and Arnie, though each of these in the
English-speaking world would most likely be given names.
There may be a solution, but there are too many assumed propositions (IMO)
for this to be interesting.

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Hey group:

I'm always looking for a good sql challenge and I came across a decent one a

few days ago so I'd thought I'd share.

The following logical problem (taken from a logical puzzles book) can be 
solved using only SQL.  See if you can solve it using only SQL.  I'll post 
my attempt in a few days.


Whose round?

Four friends met for happy hour drinks.  They sat at a round table and over 
the course of the evening had four rounds of drinks.  Each friend paid for a

different round.  Can you discover where each friend sat, his or her full 
name, and the order in which the four paid for drinks?

1) the first two people who paid for drinks sat across from each other

2) Arnie paid for the round just after Millican

3) Nieland, who didn't pay for the fourth round of drinks, paid for a round 
sometime after Beth did.

4) The person who sat in seat #2 and the person who bought the fourth round 
of drinks are of the opposite sexes.

5) Clarice bought a round of drinks sometime after the person who sat in 
seat #1

6) Kowalski and Lehmer sat across from each other.

7) Neither Dave nor Kowalski sat in seat #4

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