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For Spanish names even that does not work, although I think the difference
is not worth fighting for (but I'm not Spanish).  Vega is not the last name.
De La Vega is the last name.  De la means "of the" as in Of The Vega.  Mi
amigo in Mexico es Juan De Uriarte, Juan being the first name, De Uriarte
being the Paternal family name. 

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Assume these two values in two rows in the table of interest:

Andrei Pascal
Arthur B. Fuller

I need to parse out the surname. I can't just grab the characters following
the first space, unless there is only one space. But if there are two
spaces, then I need the trailing string following the second space.

CHARINDEX( 'f', 'abcdefgh' ) returns 6  so that part is easy. How to find
the second occurrence, if any? In fact, assuming really bizarre data, what I
want is the string following the last space in the value.

Even that may not work, given Portuguese and Spanish and French surnames,
but for now I will live with that.

Suppose an entry such as:

Juan Carlos de la Vega

I need to grab the string following the last space, in T-SQL syntax.

Any ideas?

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