[dba-SQLServer] Upload documents with MSAccess FE

MartyConnelly martyconnelly at shaw.ca
Thu Dec 21 15:48:33 CST 2006

If you do it this way the file is saved as a BMP file surrounded with a 
OLE wrapper
hence the large size in the OLE field. The way to do it is write the 
file into an OLE field
with  AppendChunk and read with GetChunk, I use this to store large XML 
Then maybe move to Vchar field in SQL.
Cross post might get you more answers

Steve Zayko wrote:

>I am trying to develop a system where Adobe pdf documents are stored in
>a SQL server database.  The method I am using to "store" the files is an
>MSAccess front end.  I have an unbound form with an Object Frame and a
>few other text boxes for extraneous information.  I try to place the pdf
>document in the object frame with the menu command Insert/Object and
>then run an SQL script to append the object (and other data fields) to
>the destination table in the SQL database.  
>The trouble I am having is that the field in the destination table is
>"Image(16)".  Every object I append to the table in the method described
>above fills the entire memory space allotted for that field.  Thus a
>20Kb pdf file will become a 5+ Mb object once in the field.  
>I don't need to know the mechanics of why this is happening.  I just was
>wondering if there were others who have experienced this (or similar)
>issue and what can I do to fix it.
>Thanks in advance for you assistance.
>Should I cross post this to AccessD list?
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