[dba-SQLServer] Upload documents with MSAccess FE

Robert L. Stewart rl_stewart at highstream.net
Wed Dec 27 09:17:10 CST 2006

The reason this is occurring is that Access also stores the program 
that opens the file.
You need to use a VB/c# program to store the file instead of Access. 
then you will get only the file stored as a binary.

The overhead with Access is why everyone says not to store the file 
inside of the database.  But, it is limited to an Access 
thing.  Using a different program to load the file will keep the 
bloat from happening.


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>That was the first option that I explored.  However, there is not a 
>common area that all users of the system have write access to.  The 
>system acts like a web-based deployment over a large "closed pipe" 
>network.  Thus storing the files in the database is used.  I know it 
>sounds inefficient.  But this is how the decision makers want it to work.

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