[dba-SQLServer] Another Express question

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
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Hi Susan:

I am not sure what the issue is but when I am building a SP, I may use the
template to initiate the creation, make any appropriate changes to match my
requirements, test until the desired results ate obtained, create a new SP
and cut and paste resultant query into the new SP. I understand you can
create your own templates but should not be able to over-write system the


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Has anyone tried Management Studios query editor to create a stored
procedure? It seems a bit awkward -- I found it easier to use insert the
appropriate SQL statement into the template and execute it to save it. 
Any comments? Maybe I'm doing something wrong? 
In the stored procedure template, I clicked the Design Query button and used
it as if I were creating a view. It did update the template, but very oddly
-- the SQL statement was at the top of the template instead of inside the
CREATE PROCEDURE statement as I had expected. Perhaps the query editor isn't
really supposed to work with stored procedures? 
Susan H. 
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