[dba-SQLServer] Access Connection to SQL Server (was: Upsize wizard and named queries)

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Can you give more information on this?  Which versions of Access and SQL
Server are you using.  You said this limits the connection string packet
size, but what impact does that have on the developer?  Or impact on the

Are you using CurrentProject.Connection or CurrentProject.AccessConnection?

I am about to begin developing a system using Access 2003 as the FE and SQL
Server 2005 as the BE, and would like to know more about this issue.


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The biggest problem with connecting to SQL Server through Access is that
Access automatically limits the connection string packet size to 4096.  I
have yet to find any way to change that within Access.  This is one reason
why I've been slowly moving all my company's apps over to VB.Net.  There, I
can control the connection by changing the packet size to 32767 which is as
wide as it can go.

Doris Manning
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