[dba-SQLServer] I've had enough!

David McAfee dmcafee at pacbell.net
Tue Jan 24 18:21:44 CST 2006

Yup. But that's the name of the game if you want to stay on the cutting

Out of laziness, I tend to let everyone else work out the bugs. I just
recently made the move to XP, so that shows how quick I was to jump on their
latest software :)


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I hate to bi*ch <cough> -- but I have just had enough of MS.

Anyone working with the Express beta knows that it's a pia to install -- and
I'm not the only one that's had problems. Well, to install Management
Studio, I had to reformat and start over fresh. <fume>

I need to download and install VB Express -- and GUESS WHAT??????????? I
have to uninstall everything first!  What made me think that it would just
be an easy process???????

I am so sick of this I am ready to tell them all thank you just the same,
but I'll use Oracle from now on. I truly am.

Anyone else as sick of this as I am? I mean, there's a whole list of things
you have to uninstall and reinstall -- and if you're reinstaller number one
million four hundred thousand and sixty three, well... they let you slide
and it all works. :( Twice during the beta process I've had to reformat and
start over because there was something that Express didn't like. :(

If I have to reformat and start over again I'm going to catch a plane to
Redmon and kick some MS butt! :(

Susan H.

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