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John Colby jwcolby at ColbyConsulting.com
Fri Jan 27 09:43:49 CST 2006

I have to say, overall, I agree.

SQL Server 2005 is FREE!  It is SQL Server with a few insignificant (for the
intended market) limitations.  It won't use more than one processor, nor
more than 1 gb of ram for it's buffers, and of course it has a max FILE SIZE
of 4gb, although you can have databases in different files, each 4 GB max.
For small databases it is an extremely powerful Server.

Management Studio is FREE!  

VB Express is FREE.  It integrates seamlessly with SQL Server Express,
including the ability to build tables out in SQL Server right inside of
VB.Net Express.

My understanding is that SQL Server uses VB.NET as it's internal scripting
language which opens up what you can do with Stored procedures.

This is an awesome combination of FREE stuff.  

To be honest, once I get over the learning curve I am leaning towards
abandoning the MDB as a BE.  Do everything from the ground up in SQL Server
Express and if the time ever comes where the client needs the power of the
full on version, they just go there.  No migration, no headaches.  You have
the ability to develop Access apps that talk to it for quick internal stuff,
VB.NET and ASP.NET for Internet apps if you need them.

This assumes of course that I get the "SPs are read-only" issue cleared up.

John W. Colby

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I feel the Express is just 'cripple-ware' and would recommend MySQL for
small low cost jobs.

===I had to reformat to get Management Studio to work, but now that I have
all the pieces working, including VB Express, I have to tell you -- it is
working great and I love it. The entire package brings a level of
development to the little guy that I've never seen before. They can do a
whole lot and never write a line of code -- VB Express does it all for them.

I have to say I disagree unless MySQL has changed a lot. I haven't looked at
it in a long time, so that's possible, but it was terribly difficult to use,
just a few years ago. 

Management Studio makes Express easy to manage. VB Express makes it easy to

It's a winner even though I'm still mad at MS for putting us all through so
much installation crap to get here. 

Susan H. 

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