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Robert L. Stewart rl_stewart at highstream.net
Wed Nov 1 20:36:53 CST 2006


One of the "limitations" you are running into is the OS.

Yes, you can do development work in XP.  But, running a 68 million
record DB is not "development" by any stretch of the imagination.
You are trying to run a serious production database on a home OS.

I am not sure what setting the install was asking for that were so
different from XP.  I have installed 2000 and 2003 server a number
of times and other than questions about DNS server and such things,
which you do not care about because you should say "Stand alone
server," the install is the same as XP.

You could also spend the $100 or so it would take for a professional
to do the install for you.  Once you use a server OS, you will see
some of this go away.

One of the other questions I have not heard anyone ask, is what version
of SQL Server are you using?  If you are using anything less than
standard version, you are hitting another "limitation."  You are trying
to load a ton of crap into a trailer on a lawn tractor.


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>LOL, borderline insanity.  I can assure you that I am FULLY insane.  Bwaaa
>haaaa haaaa.  I am using SP Pro.  SQL Server ran just fine on 2K pro, XP Pro
>is the 2K Pro base code.  Why would it not run on that?  I keep hearing that
>it isn't supposed to, but it does.  I can tell you I would be irritated
>beyond belief if I went to Win 2003 server (which I have but haven't a clue
>how to install, since this is a desktop machine in the end) and I still had
>this issue.
>I actually tried to install 2003 server (in fact I have a disk with the
>beginnings of the install) and got to questions that implied I was supposed
>to know what I was doing (and I don't) so how am I supposed to install 2003
>so that I can test your theory?
>I am not a notwork / OS admin, I am a developer.  MS themselves push SQL
>Server lite as a developer tool.
>If anyone wants to talk me through a 2003 server install I will do that
>John W. Colby
>Colby Consulting

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