[dba-SQLServer] ODBC Connection error

John Skolits askolits at ot.com
Fri Nov 3 08:42:47 CST 2006

I'm having this ODBC connection error that's driving me nuts.

The application  is written in Access 2000. The User's Pc is Access 2003.
MDAC 2.8 is his latest version.

There have been times where the application has run fine, then I make a few
changes and the user can't connect to the tables.
The only way to make it work is to go in an manually relink every table on
his PC. If I do it on my development PC, or any other PC for that matter, he
can't open the tables.

I ran a Pass thru query on his PC with a new DSN I created and a connection
string like:

I then received an error message like :
ODBC error ..... ODBC;DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=otto;UID=reports;PWD=repo_'

Notice how it truncated the string.

So it looks like It's a problem on his PC. 

I tried a myriad of things. Is there any Service releases or anything anyone
has heard of that may fix this issue before I spend weeks trying to find a
work around.


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