[dba-SQLServer] Tell Query analyzer where to store queries

James Barash James at fcidms.com
Fri Nov 3 13:18:09 CST 2006

John and Mark:

For SQL 2000 at least
In Query Analyzer:
Tools -> Options -> General->Query File Directory

That should do what you want. You can also save different configurations if
you want to get fancy.

James Barash

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I am using an older version(SQL7)...and the only thing I've found with query

analyzer is 'open' or 'save as' always goes to the last folder I saved in.  
I couldn't find any setting to pick a specific folder.  If you figure it 
out...please share.


Mark A. Matte

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>Subject: [dba-SQLServer] Tell Query analyzer where to store queries
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>Is there any way to tell query analyzer where to save queries I am 
>preferably on a database level?  It is just "offering" to save them in my
>documents.  Not useful to have to navigate over to another drive / 
>structure every time I want to save a query.  Also not helpful to have a
>thousand queries all stuffed in my documents.
>John W. Colby
>Colby Consulting
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