[dba-SQLServer] Job Change, and a Question

MartyConnelly martyconnelly at shaw.ca
Sat Nov 11 17:21:00 CST 2006

Could you not give them a development or sandbox copy of the database
for them to bang away at. Or even a MSDE 2.0 personal copy.
When their code goes to production tests convert the SQL to SProcs.

Liz Doering wrote:

>Dear SQL Server List,
>It is no doubt due to lurking on this list that I have now landed myself in
>the kettle of soup I'm in. 
>Two weeks ago, I was a all-Access developer at a tiny almost-all-Access
>shop.  Now I am the SQL Server DBA on a new project internal to Wells Fargo.
>That I was able to stumble through the interview satisfactorily was due to
>you folks having put enough concepts in my head so that I could avoid
>sounding like a complete idiot.
>Of course, now that I've been on the job for a week, the veneer of knowledge
>is looking thinner and thinner, and the number of questions I can't answer
>is growing daily.
>Here's the most recent poser:  They're using SmallTalk for this project,
>which is actually a major extension of another application which has been in
>use for 10+ years.  They are devoted to using Windows authentication.  The
>developers would like SmallTalk to be able to run SQL statements directly
>from their code, however, they can only do that if the logged-in user has
>such rights.  Which raises the specter of a savvy user running random SQL
>statements directly against the database.  The solution has been to disallow
>running any "unapproved" SQL statements by requiring that only sprocs can be
>run, but the development team isn't happy with that solution, so they are
>asking me for alternatives.
>I'm getting more confused as I write this, so I'll guarantee you that there
>are questions I don't know enough to ask. Can you recommend some reading for
>me?  Do any of you have any specific ideas for this problem?  
>Thanks so much!  Hopefully I'll be wise enough to contribute here
>dba-SQLServer mailing list
>dba-SQLServer at databaseadvisors.com

Marty Connelly
Victoria, B.C.

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