[dba-SQLServer] Query Analyzer hogs machine

JWColby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Fri Nov 24 09:18:34 CST 2006

Well, the wall appears to be physical memory.  I went into task manager to
look at memory used by process and sql server is sitting at 1.7 gb.  This is
with Query analyzer and EM closed / unloaded.  The only way to get it back
is to stop sql server, as soon as I do that the memory is returned to

To do this processing I created a view of the two tables joined on the PKID
and pulling just the PKID out.  When I try to open the view, the memory
usage climbs until it hits 1.7gb, then a 10-15 seconds later I get an ODBC
SQL Server Driver error - Timeout Expired.

Pretty fascinating to me.  I would have thought that it would continue to
process, grabbing chunks of page file but that doesn't appear to be the

John W. Colby
Colby Consulting

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Here's a fascinating one.  In query Analyzer I built a simple query joining
two tables with a PKID on the PKID, pulling one of the PKIDs out.  
It was taking awhile to run so I switched away to run a process over in
Access.  This Access process displays a progress meter and normally
processes about 100K records per second.  
With the query running in Query Analyzer , Access was only processing about
10K records per second!  The CPU Utilization was almost nil!!!  
When I aborted Query Analyzer, processor utilization shot up to 50% and my
Access process went to full speed.
Has anyone seen anything like this?  I must be hitting some kind of limit
somewhere but it isn't CPU Cycles.
John W. Colby
Colby Consulting
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