[dba-SQLServer] Query Analyzer hogs machine

JWColby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Sun Nov 26 08:35:18 CST 2006

LOL.  This is a server in my home office.  

Seriously though, if I must (and it appears that I must), then I must.  

Cheap it ain't though.  I spent well over 3K of my own money for this
machine.  Unlike others perhaps, I do not have a big company handing me a
budget for hardware.

But no one is addr5essing why the thing gives an error and stops when I try
to run a view and main memory runs out. 

John W. Colby
Colby Consulting

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I most definitely agree with this:

"another reason it really should be run on its own server, WITH NO OTHER

It's one thing to consume instruction-space on a development machine, but
even then, boxes are so cheap now that one ought not run SQL (any version)
on the same box that you deem your workstation. That is asinine. SQL was
meant to occupy its own box, and be spoken to by other boxes. Yes, you can
fake it by placing everything on one box, but that is to pervert its
intended implantation. The rule is: SQL lives on one box; clients live on
other boxes. Depending on your situation, that box might need to be
firewalled so that nobody can get to it without the requisite credentials.
In situations I have built, the SQL box was insulated from everyone save me
and the CEO. Every other person in the firm could only get there by invoking
the Access app that connected to it. No one else, no time, ever. And the
only reason the CEO could get there was in case I got killed in a traffic
accident, in which case he had specific instructions supplied by me long

Call this anal-retentive (or any other derogatory appellation you prefer) if
you wish, but as I see it, my job is to protect the firm's data first and
foremost -- from outside intruders, from disgruntled employees, from kids
with too much time on their hands. I spend a LOT of time making sure that
nobody can get to the machine, let alone the database, without credentials.
And I go further: even assuming that you have credentials, I slot you into a
role which is precisely delimited so you can do a, b and c,  but not d, e or


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Hi John,

SQL will as you have discovered use and hold as much memory as the OS will
This is by design.  
You can tinker with this but there are limitations with diff combos of SQL
and OS.

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