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There is only one index on each table, that being the PK itself.  The PK is
a long (4 byte).  The view is a join of a table with ~65 million records,
to another table with about 25 million records, PK to PK, pilling one PK out
to display.

As for sending you the entire thing, you must be joking.  The first table
consumes close to 100 gbytes inside of SQL Server.  The raw text came to me
on 21 4 gb DVDs, each of which contained a zipped text file which when
unzipped was roughly 10 gbytes.  The second table is being reconstructed
from 13 CSV files, each of which is about 400 mbytes unzipped.  The SQL
Server database file is about 120 gbytes at the moment.  I have never tried
to zip it but I can tell you it wouldn't fit on a dvd, nor will it upload to
my pitiful 3 gbytes of FTP space.

John W. Colby
Colby Consulting

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Send me a sample (or the entire) db and the query, and I will investigate
what happens on my box. The only way (without evidence) that I can see this
happening is that your indexes are out of whack and that you're forcing
table-scans. Even then, it shouldn't consume so many resources.


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LOL.  This is a server in my home office.  

Seriously though, if I must (and it appears that I must), then I must.  

Cheap it ain't though.  I spent well over 3K of my own money for this
machine.  Unlike others perhaps, I do not have a big company handing me a
budget for hardware.

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