[dba-SQLServer] SQL in SP failing

Eric Barro ebarro at verizon.net
Thu Nov 30 13:40:25 CST 2006

Enclose test in brackets like this


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If I use single quotes...SQL says it is a syntax error before I even run
it...won't even let me save it that way.


Mark A. Matte

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>Use single quotes around test.  Double quotes will cause problems.
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>Subject: [dba-SQLServer] SQL in SP failing
>Hello All,
>Any idea why the following SQL will fail in an SP?
>'insert into tblBrita_ID(case_id,Criteria) SELECT case_id, "test" As 
>Criteria FROM tblCase where case_id=1'
>The error is "Invalid column name 'test'."  It doesn't always 
>fail...normally 'test' is a parameter passed to the SP...I have 
>modified it to the above for demo purposes...but using just the word 
>'test' as above still gives the same error.
>Mark A. Matte
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