[dba-SQLServer] database mirroring problem

James Barash James at fcidms.com
Tue Mar 18 15:08:25 CDT 2008

Are you sure the server is setup for Remote Connections? This is turned off
by default on a new installation and I believe it is instance specific. 

James Barash

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No sooner did I chime in to use database mirroring that a colleague of mine
asked for help on setting his two servers.  I created an instance on server
B, and have disabled symantec and the windows firewall on both servers
(reboot included) I made sure that both servers (all three instances are
running with SP2 (sql server 2005).  But I am not able to see the 2nd
instance on the 2nd server for some reason.

Have any of you ran into this error before?

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