[dba-SQLServer] To Drop or not to Drop, that is the question

Asger Blond ab-mi at post3.tele.dk
Mon Mar 31 03:51:52 CDT 2008

Don't think you can *predict* it. But one way to *test* it is to run your
updates from a query window in SSMS using Query | Include Client Statistics,
which will give you an extra result-tab with informations such as "Total
execution time". Another way is to use SQL Server Profiler.


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Emne: [dba-SQLServer] To Drop or not to Drop, that is the question

I have a largish database, currently 92 million records.  I get an update
with ~1 million records every week.  At what point does dropping /
rebuilding the indexes become more expensive than adding the records with
the index in place?  Is there a tool to predict such a thing?

John W. Colby
Colby Consulting

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