[dba-SQLServer] Return the result set of a sproc additively

Robert L. Stewart robert at webedb.com
Tue Sep 16 10:03:10 CDT 2008

Use temp tables to hold the data until you can union it.

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>I'm having a senior moment, but I know I have done this, and I think I have
>written about how to do it, but I can't find the article and can't remember
>how to do it, but I do know it can be done.
>Here's the gist.
>I want to call a sproc (which is just a select) N times and have the result
>sets "unioned", as it were. Say for example we have 5 salespersons in a
>company, and I want the sales of 4 of them. It's easy to grab the 4 selected
>IDs, but then I want to go in and grab all the sales for those 4. This is
>the important part: I don't want to rewrite the logic that's already there
>to grab one salesperson's data. I want to call that sproc several times and
>union the results.
>I'm sure that I have done this but at the moment I can't remember how I did

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