[dba-SQLServer] gracefully shut down a process

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You can issue a kill spid for the running process but th

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> Is there any way to gracefully shut down a running query QUICKLY?
> I have a stored procedure running which really should have completed  
> long ago.  This SP calculates a
> hash value for a set of concatenated text fields and stores the  
> result back into a binary hash field.
> I ran this thing 3 times today on other tables of roughly the same  
> number of records and they
> completed in perhaps 15 minutes.  For whatever reason, this one has  
> been running 1.5 hours.  These
> process bogs down the server such that very little real work can get  
> done with it running.
> So I need to tell SQL Server to just stop!  Store what you have  
> calculated and stop!
> Any way to do this?  Without killing the table being written to.
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