[dba-SQLServer] HELP, server completely unresponsive

Francisco Tapia fhtapia at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 00:31:47 CDT 2009

one thing you can do is to start the sql profiler and look at the sql  
starting statements so you can see what's causing the problem.

On Sep 28, 2009, at 6:22 PM, jwcolby wrote:

> When browsing for network servers from another machine, I normally  
> see about a half dozen servers
> which includes Azul (the SQL Server that is currently locked up).   
> ATM I can see all of the other
> servers but not AZUL so it is not answering up, at least not in time  
> to be counted.
> It is still "processing" the query I started this AM.  11:23:15 and  
> counting.  All of this to set a
> field in 20 million records based on values in about 5 other fields,  
> all of these other fields in an
> index.  The target field is not indexed (yet).  It should never take  
> this long.  This operation
> normally takes about an hour.  But I know of no way to regain  
> control of the server short of
> rebooting, and if I do that I will likely corrupt the database being  
> written to.
> John W. Colby
> www.ColbyConsulting.com
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