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where all your users login and are now authenticated, and trusted, so if
their login group is accepted to select/update whatever on the sqlserver,
then it does so w/o any additional checks since the users is now trusted.
But I may be wrong in my understanding....

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: At home I have a very small (4 boxes) network using a LinkSys router. All
: the boxes run Windows XP. SQL 2000 is installed on Box 1. MSDE is
: on Box 2. Enterprise Manager is installed on Box 1, and I have registered
: the MSDE server on Box 2. (Boxes 3 and 4 have no SQL components
: Currently, it is set up using integrated security. Prior to the demise of
: ETS, I set up their system as separate security (i.e. a Windows login + a
: SQL login).
: Much of the MS material I have seen suggests that integrated security is
: way to go. That's why I set up my home network that way. Wouldn't you know
: it, though? My very next client wants the separate security model.
: So, my questions:
: 1. What must I do to turn my home network back into the separate security
: model?
: 2. How easy will it be for me to switch back and forth between security
: models?
: 3. What exactly is a trusted server? How do you set one up?
: TIA,
: Arthur

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